Alexandro Maria Tirelli is a criminal lawyer , enrolled in the Bar of Torre Annunziata. He is known as an international criminal lawyer, founder of International Lawyer Associates law firm. The firm has the main offices in Rome and Milan; recently other offices had been opened in Naples, Turin and Genoa.  International Lawyer Associates is a modern and efficient law firm, where a great team of high-level lawyers operate covering the main branches of law (crime law, international law and all cross border jurisdiction matters)

Avvocato Tirelli and his team  had been instructed many times for defending persons charged  of conspiracy,  organized crimes, political and common offences .drug offences , money laundering , violent crime. He defended in many important international cases building a solid reputation in international criminal law (extradition and European Arrest warrant) .

International Lawyer Associates law firm is able to defend clients charged and prosecuted in any jurisdiction. All the lawyers of Tirelli and partners law firm are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The firm the started a cooperation with leading international law firms in Europe, United States, Australia and South America.

Alexandro Maria Tirelli is recommended by the U.S. Embassy in Italy and by  the British Consulate in Naples. The firm leader in the international criminal law in the Spanish tongue countries  such as Spain and all the  Latin American countries.